I do a lot of different video stuff, it’s impossible to narrow it all down into one list.


Here’s a narrowed down list:

  • Editing
  • Compositing
  • Motion graphics
  • tracking mainly planar but some 3d too
  • encoding files and what not
  • DVD authoring.


Editing: I like to use the retired final cut pro 7 and more recently, adobe premier. I would say that I’m expert at FCP7 however I’m still getting to grips with premier. I once tried to learn FCP10 but it made me feel like a small child and I ended up at home crying to my mum about how unfair life is.

Compositing: I do all my compositing in After effects (not Nuke – sorry). I cut my teeth on stop frame animation commercials and worked on stuff from there. Since then I have worked on various compositing jobs from small features to digital product placement. I have done a lot of roto in my time… A lot… *shudder*

Motion Graphics: I have worked on a wide range of motion graphics jobs. Stuff for Virgin tv, Capital Spreads, City Index and the like. You should probably just take a look at my portfolio… It will save me explaining stuff here which, lets face it, I’m doing a terrible job of doing. (does that last sentence even make sense?)

Tracking: I have been using mocha for a while now. Well, if you can call 4 years a while, which I do. Actually that’s a lie. I haven’t been using Mocha, but the offspring of Mocha. Working at Mirriad they have the code base of mocha in their own compositing package, so its essentially the same, except its not. or something, I don’t know. I did ask one of the scientists once but he started talking about pie and I wasn’t sure if we was talking about the number pi or the food pie, so I just nodded at him and thought about what to buy from Prett as I had left my sarnies that day. Oh, I’ve done a bit of 3d tracking too now and again. PF matchit and the After effects tracker. I know my way around them… A bit.

Encoding Files: Oh I do love a good compression setting. Who doesn’t? well, most people actually.

DVD Authoring: I’ve made a few DVD’s, authoring the menus and transitions and what not. I use DVD studio pro for this normally. Its quite the dying art now I’m finding. which isn’t a shame really because they are a lot of work and no one uses them any more, they just pop on Netflix and watch 15 shows back to back till they pass out.